How to Cop Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 Frozen Yellow? Recommend AIO Bot!

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Run AIO BOT with Proxies for,

Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 ‘Semi Frozen Yellow’ wihich release on Nov,18th!

Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 ‘Beluga 2.0’ wihich release on Nov,25th!

The Adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 ‘Semi Frozen Yellow’ must be the one of the most EXTREMELY LIMITED! So i would like let you know more detail about “How to Cop the Yeezy BOOST with AIO Bot.

The AIO Bot Plus was released two days ago and the demand was so high that even our upgraded servers could not handle it. Due to the high demand from loyal customers, They will be providing a limited restock this Thursday the 16th of November at a random time. Keep an eye on the AIO Bot Plus Product page, and we will tweet when the stock is live.

adidas 350 V2 Frozen Yellow

*good luck to win the release*

However, I want you all to cop. So in case you don’t get the AIO Bot Plus in time, There are some of exclusive guide

Copping Yeezys 101: A Guide on How To Dominate Every Release especially” and

How to Cop Adidas Yeezy Boost With Proxies, BOT and Server

created to help you cop online. Whether you’re copping with or without a bot, it’s the GO-TO Yeezy copping guide of all times.It’s been a long dry spell with no Yeezys in the past 4 months. So as you can imagine, with such limited stock, release day is going to be worse than Black Friday. That being said, good luck on the upcoming Yeezys!

We have three new Yeezys coming up, but remember this! If you don’t cop the Frozen Yellows on the 18th, there’s going to be a decent stock level for the Beluga 2.0s on the 25th. So its a good chance to cop multiples on the bot. And don’t forget that the Blue Tints are releasing in December! So tis the season to be botin!

yeezy release on nov

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